IT Support – Ticketing System


  1. In order to streamline support request, “IT Support – Ticketing System” has been developed by CoE team of MAP_IT. IT Support will be used to receive, streamline, centralize and manage all tickets raised by the Government Employee of Madhya Pradesh for the services/applications managed by MP Government.
  2. From the initial ticket request to resolution/closure, ticketing system software helps end user through every stage. 
  3. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which user can use to track the progress and responses online. A valid email address is required to submit the ticket. To open a ticket, user needs to create an account on the IT Support System.

Department On-Boarding

  1. Administrator of IT Support Ticketing System can add the multiple departments in the system and can also add multiple users under the department who can see, resolve and transfer the received ticket to the concerning team, team member and other departments.
  2. To get On-boarded at IT Support, department needs to download and upload a On-boarding request form to MAP_IT with the desired information. So that administrator can configure the users for that department and streamline the received tickets.
  3. Department can also configure the application according to their specific requirements i.e., defining SLA, set priorities, help topics, track the overdue tickets etc.

Advantages of IT Support System

  1. Faster Ticket Resolution
  2. Reduced Ticket Backlog
  3. Personalized and High Quality Support
  4. Continuous Performance Improvement
  5. Automated updates to users
  6. Statistics and analytics possibilities
  7. Prioritization
  8. Tracking of Tickets

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