Domain Registration Service

Sub domain (fourth-level) registration services under


Domain registration process:

Below mentioned steps are to be followed to register your domain name:

  1. Determine if desirous Department/Organisation qualifies to receive a domain name under GOV.IN by reviewing the Guidelines.
  2. Review the domain naming conventions and ensure that the desired domain name complies with the conventions.
  3. Submit the filled form with cover letter.
  4. Apply Online.

For more details refer

4th level - Sub-Domain Registration Process

Sub-Domain Delegation Request

  1. The parent Department has to first submit the request for sub domain delegations under the third-level domain i.e. ( to activate fourth-level domain registrations. Departments may submit their request to CEO, MAPIT.

Below mentioned steps are to be followed to register a Sub Domain. (to be performed by NIC /MAPIT)

  1. Register your Sub Domain Name (fourth-level)
  2. Submit the sub-domain activation request by uploading through the login or sending email from the registered email Id through service Desk in the specified Format to Domain support.

Once the above stated Registration process is completed, the Domain Manager will process the request accordingly. The Registrar will contact you if any additional information about the registration is required, prior to activation. If the registration is in order, the sub domain name will be placed on Active Status and the same will be notified via email.

Important information

  1. MAP_IT is only a coordinator agency in domain registration process.
  2. Process is completely lead by the Government of India as per the guidelines.
  3. NIC Delhi has all the authorization to implement/process the registration process.

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