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State eMission Team Madhya Pradesh

National e-Governance Plan’s (NeGP) vision is to:

NeGP proposes to achieve its objectives through:

  • Deployment and scale up of select "Mission Mode Projects”
  • Creation of a National IT backbone for fast, reliable and efficient connectivity, data storage and access,
  • Set up of Common Service Centers for delivery of citizen services
  • Creation of Internet portals for 24x7 access to Government information and services.

The Government of India has approved the Capacity Building (CB) Scheme for taking NeGP forward across the country in all the States & UTs. The CB Scheme is mainly for provisioning technical & professional support to State level policy & decision-making bodies to develop specialized skills for e-Governance. The CB Scheme supports Capacity Building through various means such as engaging experts,developing skills and imparting training and supporting the creation of State e-Governance Mission Teams (SeMT) and Project e-Governance Mission Teams (PeMT). This team oversees project execution, manage implementation and deal with technology, process, external Agency management & change management related issues. These requirements are being sourced from these modes:

  • Deputation from various Government, State Government, PSU and Autonomous organizations toNeGD, Media Lab Asia
  • Recruitment of candidates from open market to NISG.

The SeMTs would be responsible for undertaking the groundwork for providing for an overall direction, standardization and consistency through Programme Management of the e-Governance initiatives in the State. All interdependencies, overlaps, conflicts, standards, overarching architecture, security, legal aspects, etc. across projects as well as core and support infrastructure shared across several projects would fall under the purview of SeMT and will work in the following key domains:

  • Undertake Strategic Planning
  • Provide Project Consultancy
  • Provide Project Implementation & Post
  • Implementation support
  • Facilitate setting up of PeMTs
  • Perform core SeMT activities
  • Day to day SeMT Operations
Composition of SeEMT In Madhya Pradesh