Results of Second Level evaluation

Post 2nd level evaluation of “Awards for Excellence in e Governance initiatives in Madhya Pradesh year 2014-15”, following Proposals have been shortlisted for final level of evaluation i.e. “Presentation before Jury”. 

Project leaders are supposed to present their initiative before jury as per Presentation schedule mentioned in below table. 

General Instructions for Presentation:

1. Venue & Dates for Presentation

  • Venue - Hotel Courtyard Marriot , DB Mall, Board Office Square, Bhopal
  • Presentation Dates : 22nd to 23rdApril 2016
  • Timings : As per schedule mentioned in below table

2. Nominees are requested to report as per scheduled date and time.

3. A slot of max 15 minutes will be allotted to the presenters to express their proposal /initiative with the help of presentation.

4. The presentation must be in line with the information already submitted online.

5. The achievements / benefits / outcomes mentioned in the presentation should be till FY 2014-15. In other words, achievements / benefits / outcomes of current financial year will not be considered.

6. It is mandatory to prepare the presentation in accordance to the guidelines. 

7. During Presentations, please keep focus towards the category specific information. 

8. Finish the presentation within allotted time slot. 

9. Submit the information as mentioned below:

  1. ONLINE Submission of following information by 20thApril 2016 is mandatory. The shortlisted proposals have to submit following documents / information online using their access credentials

    • Project / Proposal/Initiative Summary in one page of A4 size (for compendium) in English in the prescribed template to be uploaded.Click here to download the template

    • Project / Proposal/Initiative Summary in one page of A4 size (for compendium) in HINDI (Essentially in Krutidev010 Font) in given template to be uploaded. Click here to download the template.

    • Salient features of the project/proposal / initiative (Max in 5 bullet points, max 50 words).

  2. Offline Submission of essential documents / information is also mandatory (at the time of registration on presentation date)

    • Soft copy of the Presentation covering salient features of the project / proposal / initiative.

    • Movie clip of the proposal / initiative whose duration should not be more than 10 minutes [ Not mandatory for categories 8 and 9 ]. The movie clip should be self explanatory and may contain salient features, achievements, feedback of stake holders, outcomes of the proposal/initiative. The movie clip would be displayed during Award Presentation Ceremony.

    • Any other document / material in support of the project / proposal / initiative.

    • A CD/ DVD containing presentation, movie clip and other documents as mentioned above

Short listed proposals and presentation schedule

Category 1: Improvement in Citizen Service Delivery/ Governance through use of IT
Category 2 : Best practice of Software Development Life Cycle in Government
Category 3 : Innovative use of ICT for e-Governance
Category 4 : m - Governance
Category 5 : Improvement in Citizen Service Delivery through Government Process Reengineering (GPR)
Category 6 : The best E-Governed District
Category 7 : Sustainability of IT initiative in Government Sector
Category 8 : The Best Citizen Service Centre(Two awards for Rural CSCs and two for urban)
Category 9 : e-Governance Champion
Category 10 : Evangelizing Hindi in IT