e-Governance Awards

In order to recognize excellence in e-Governance initiatives, Department of Science & Technology, Government of Madhya Pradesh has constituted an Award Scheme. The Award Scheme from this year onwards will be held once in Two years. This year the Award scheme will be known as

“9th e-Governance Excellence Awards Madhya Pradesh – 2017”. MAP_IT on behalf of the Department of Science & Technology, Government of Madhya Pradesh administers this scheme. The awards have been instituted to:

• Recognize achievements in the area of e-Governance 
• Disseminate knowledge on effective methods of designing and  implementing sustainable e-Governance initiatives 
• Encourage horizontal transfer of successful e-Governance solutions
• Promote and exchange experiences in solving problems, resolving issues and planning for success using Information Technology.
• Promote m-Governance / open source in the State
• Recognize efforts of CSC’s, for their exemplary contribution towards promotion of e-Governance.
• Promote the use of Hindi in IT

Following are the awards categories in which awards are given

Category 1 - Improvement in Citizen Service Delivery/ Governance through use of IT
Category 2 - Best practice of Software Development Life Cycle in Government
Category 3 - Innovative use of ICT for e-Governance
Category 4 - m – Governance
Category 5 - Improvement in Citizen Service Delivery through Government Process Reengineering (GPR)
Category 6 - The best e-Governed District    
Category 7 - Sustainability of IT initiative in Government Sector
Category 8 - The best Citizen service Center  
Category 9 - Evangelizing Open Source
Category 10 – Evangelizing Hindi in IT

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