MP Mobile

Type Mobile Apps
Department MAP_IT
Stake Holders Citizens
Go Live Date 05-04-2018
URL Not Available

Government of Madhya Pradesh is committed to deliver citizen centric services at their door stop in efficient and transparent manner at affordable cost. Various e governance initiatives, projects have been implemented in the state for the benefits of the citizens.

‘MP MOBILE’ is a M-Governance initiative of the State that has been launched to deliver public services to the citizens of the State in transparent, cost-effective and convenient manner at anywhere and anytime.

'MP MOBILE' platform brings together various G2C services offered by several Departments/Agencies/Corporations/Universities of Govt. of Madhya Pradesh as well as B2C services, at the convenience of citizen’s fingertips.

Various departments are providing services by electronic means to their beneficiaries through web based applications. Few departments have developed mobile applications at their level and providing services through mobile too. In order to access the services, the citizens have to download mobile app of the respective department.

MP mobile has been envisaged to be developed as an integrated platform in which services would be delivered through following channels

  1. Single mobile app–Citizens will have to download a single mobile app – “MP Mobile” through which they can access various services provided by various departments.Currently, it is Android based mobile app and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Single website (
  2. All the services would be accessible through a single website – The website is compatible with Mobile device, hence, citizens can access the website through their mobiles too.
  3. One short-code - Citizens who do not have a smart phone, would be able to access the services through their basic phones by dialing a short code *181#.

Using any of above three options, the citizens would be able to access the services available on MP mobile platform. In order to provide the services through MP Mobile, the departments have to integrate their applications with MP Mobile by providing an API (Application Programming Interface) to MP Online, the technical partner. Currently, 240+ citizen centric services are being provided through MP Mobile platform

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